March 29, 2012

Brain Patterns Mapped

Recent brain studies have resulted in a simpler way to look at the brain. This new brain scanning provides scientists with new clues to how the human brain is built and even how it evolved. The technique used by scientists from the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School is called diffusion magnetic resonance imaging. The mapping of these brain patterns in mammals may eventually lead to the ability for doctors to be able to diagnose brain disorders due to alterations in the patterns. An additional reason as to why this finding is so important is that studies can be performed to compare the evolutionary root of the brain to similar mammals to the human.

I found this article very intriguing because the brain is such a complex and unique organ. The unknown "mess" of structure the brain entails is actually a very organized system of patterns that can be related to other organisms to provide us with mind blowing information about our evolutionary heritage. It is very interesting to me that these sorts of discoveries are being made day after day. It makes me wonder how much we will be able to find out about the brain in the upcoming years.

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