March 29, 2012

Hidden signals in the heart

A recent study shows that abnormal cells in the human blood stream may signal hidden heart risk. Research has recently shown that endothelial cells are the possible candidate for the hidden signal of this heart risk. Patients that have had heart attacks recently have been tested for the amount of endothelial cells that were present in their blood. The results showed that there were a greater amount of endothelial cells in these victims.These cells, found by new blood-cell-sorting technology, are often packed tightly together with multiple nuclei per cell.

This Article appealed to me because I am very interested in new technology and how it is being used to help discover beneficial phenomenon such as this. The fact that such large findings are being discovered at such a small scale truly shows how probable it is that in the next few years everyone's life could change. The medical research field is striving and many more discoveries, such as the one mentioned in this article, are bound to be detected sooner or later.

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