March 27, 2012

One tree, multiple fruits

Farmers who would sometimes want the hardiness of one tree's roots but the fruit of another's in one tree can make a tree that is just that! Through a process called grafting, agriculture companies have begun producing large numbers of plants for farmers that are composed of some strong and disease resistant plant for the root system and branches that produce desired fruits. Seeing this, many people at home began trying grafting on their own to find that it isn't hard at all.

Start with two trees; We'll say an apple and a cherry. Cut a diagonal through the trunk of each tree where a large number of branches grow from. Now, put this wedge you cut from one tree onto the open space of the other tree. Secure with tape and some grafting compound and leave for a few weeks. Once the trees have spent some time getting to know their new branches, just take the bindings off. This will reveal one solid structure! Due to the abilities of plant vascular tissues to repair themselves if severed, pieces of one tree can be attached to another and begin to grow. In this case, you would be left with an apple tree that has some branches growing cherries on it and vice versa.

I found this topic particularly interesting because my grandfather had bought a tree that grows many different types of fruits; a product of grafting.


vas said...

I like your title and picture! The article is also very interesting and innovative.

Shan said...

That's great and it's also helpful to people who want to grow a certain amount of fruits but don't have sufficient space.

Fariha said...

I've heard about this before. My dad bought an apple tree that grows four different kinds of apples! Pretty cool.