April 30, 2012


After reading "Is Humanity Suicidal," I looked up more on human impacts on the Earth. Deforestation was one of the most interesting and eye catching. Human impact is much more powerful than most people think it is. At the rate that deforestation is occurring, in one hundred years, there may be no rain forests left in the world. In the name of industrialization, we are depleting not only resources at an alarming pace, but also natural beauty found on the planet. Some logging operations that provide us with paper and other wood products are done illegally. It seems the only way to keep industries from chopping down trees for personal use is to create federal reserves. Deforestation has many negative impacts on the Earth. It dramatically decreases habitats for millions of organisms and drives climate for change. Also, chopping down trees that provide for a forest canopy eliminates the shade from the incoming sunlight. This causes more extreme climate swings.

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