April 29, 2012

I Am Plastic (Ecology Project)

I Am Plastic
By Kevin Tresselt

I am plastic.
I pollute the sea,
With bags, bath toys, traffic cones, jugs, and other debris.
Along with my friends, I create a huge plastic gyre,
Covering up large portions of the ocean, so it no longer looks sapphire.

I am plastic.
Created to withstand fire and bending,
The chemicals that help me are scarier than uncontrolled government spending.
The toxins within me can cause cancer within you and your brethren,
And create countless future problems for all of your children.

I am plastic.
I can barely be seen,
Because I am the nurdles that act so mean.
I absorb pollution, like a supersaturated poison pill,
Waiting to be eaten by a big fish with no will.

I am plastic.
Can you guess how I move?
Not by boats, ships, or the usual groove.
I get dumped on land, where the wind picks me up,
Then travel down streams to the ocean with my fellow cups.

I am plastic.
Believe it or not,
I used to be as valued and admired as a beautiful yacht.
I’ve given people credit cards, spandex pants, and medicine breakthroughs,
But today people hate me, and I rarely receive a simple thank you.

I am plastic.
Everyone uses me,
And while people are learning how to fix my problems, there are no guarantees.
Yes, scientists are trying to identify and remove me through major endeavors,
Unfortunately I will never breakdown; I’ll be here forever.

Description of Poem
This poem acts as a reflection of the giant plastic gyres that have been created in many of Earth's oceans.  The poem portrays the damaging effects of these pools of plastic, including negative effects on humans as well as other animals.  While the poem does defend plastic at one point, noting its usefulness when it was first created, it quickly refutes this.  In effect, the poem warns people of the dangers that plastic items impose, and that something must be done to address this large problem.

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