April 4, 2012

Modeling Population Growth in Sparrows

This graph from year 0 to 100 show the change in population of a species of Sparrow. In the beginning of time (year 0), the population of the sparrows is at 40.  The sparrow population grows at a constant rate (r) of 0.25 with the death of 5 sparrows each generation.   At year 25, however, a natural disaster occurs and half of the Sparrow population is wiped out with the growth rate (r)  changing to 1.2. The carrying capacity (K) of the environment is 50,000 sparrows which keeps the population limited. 

1. Original Growth Rate Equation:

2. New Equation:

N= Population Size, t= generation, r= rate of increase, K= carrying capacity

Conclusion: Despite the great fall due to the natural disaster, the Sparrow population was able to expand greatly and seems to be leveled off due to the carrying capacity.
By using a spreadsheet to express the population of the sparrows, we're introduced to a new, easier, scientific way of graphing things. This can be used for future experiments dealing with rapid growth or exponential factors.

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K. said...

Very cool, but I do wish you hadn't made the background of your graph so blue. I can't see the trend line very well at all :(