April 29, 2012

Mountaintop Removal

This collage was made as a relection to the article "Rape of Appalachia". The various images depict the horrific events taking place in some what of a humourous point of view.  Coal is needed in order to produce electricity which is a major aspect of the lives we live.  The coal companies claim mountaintop blasting is safer but many think otherwise.  Some of the headlines also found in the collage gives light to what is occuring near the blasting sites as a direct effect of the blasts.  "800+ square miles of mountains are estimated to be already destroyed. (this is equal to a one-quarter mile wide swath of destruction from New York to San Francisco).  That is a huge amount of land that has been destroyed.  New York to San Francisco is about 3000 miles. The removal of mountaintops is truly disappointing.  Not only is it effecting the nature in its proximity but the blasts are being done close to public and residential areas, shown in the elementary school picture. Since coal is needed greatly we can't stop mountaintop removal completely.  Instead we should limit it and fund groups to develop new techniqes to mine coal or generate electricity.

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