May 28, 2012

Modeling Evolution

I modeled the evolution of Sexual Selection. Sexual Selection is a variant of natural selection, it is the favor  of a mate over another  based on certain characteristics. The species with these desirable traits will have a high reproductive success throughout their population. Female peacocks are species that tend to choose mates that possess the desirable traits such as elaborate feather colors. To show his superiority compared to the other peacocks the peacock will perform a courtship ritual of peafowl. The peacock will show his intentions by fully displaying his feathers. However the peahen may not find that specific peacock attractive she will only recognize his actions that he is ready to mate and may or may not choose to pursue him. My model shows a male peacock trying his hardest to impress the female peahen, but she is still questionable. I chose this model because it successfully how certain species produce and with whom they produce with effectively. My model is selective because only the species with the desired traits are chosen and reproduce more than those who don't posses these traits.

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