May 28, 2012

"Platypus" Natural Selection

The evolutionary process shown is natural selection. I used colored pencils and paper to draw the changes after natural selection. I chose to represent natural selection in this way because it shows a clear picture of how the population of “platypus” changed. What led to this change is a lack of food source. All of the food that was originally being consumed by the “platypus” was nearly gone and another food source was needed for survival. The only other food source was a crustacean that lived in small niches in rocks. The “platypus” with the sharper beaks were able to access this new food source, while the others were not. This is a selective mode of evolution; only the “platypus” with sharper beaks survived to reproduce. This is not random evolution. Ducks and other birds have had pointed beaks to help them access food. This characteristic is the source of variation in the “platypus” beak.

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