June 2, 2012


This cartoon illustrates animals trying to save other members of their species because they don't want their "friends" to be eaten.  As we move along to the next cartoon we see that the same animal that was trying to keep someone from eating, is now eating.  This shows that although we don't want our own kind to become hunted, we ourselves are also hunting.  The animal does not even realize that it is doing the same thing it was trying to stop.  It also gives light to the saying we don't care about a scenerio until it happens to us.  The predator prey relationship is an important one; not allowing one species to dominate another.  As a prey population decreases, a decrease in the predator population will follow.  Once the predator population decreases, the prey population increases, and then causes an increase in the predator population.  Many organisms need to eat to survive.  Instead of bashing one organism for "killing" another we should understand it is merely doing what many of us others do on a daily basis.  We should rather respect the greatness of the predator-prey relationship.

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