May 1, 2012

Destruction of the Appalachian Mountains & Families As Well

I had the article about the destruction of the Appalachian mountains from mountaintop mining. Mountaintop mining is being used on this mountains to escavate coal as opposed to underground mining. Not as many workers lose their lives at work now but the lives of countless families surrounding the area have become completely destroyed. Countless families have had to move away because staying there became a matter of life and death. The "lucky" families were bought out by the Massey coal company for their plot of land. Others, who couldn't sell their homes, had to leave everything behind; homeless and penniless. But a select few refused to leave and let go of everything. They stayed behind and lost their entire family to save the land that was being torn apart by these coal companies. My project is about such a family. It is a scrapbook page from a little girl who was forced to leave the home that was in her family for generations, but whose father didnt leave with her. I also put a diary entry that the little girl wrote after moving into her new home describing how her family was torn apart because her father wouldn't leave the home and her mother wouldn't live there any longer.

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